University of Hawaii Manoa Honors, 2020-2024

BS in Astrophysics & BS in Computer Science

relevant courses fall 2020: Honors Calc III, Modern Physics, Foundation of Astrophys I, Gen Chem II + Lab

Millburn High School, 2016-2020

4.07 cumulative GPA; 1530 SAT; top 15% of class

work experience

upto and including Fall 2020

Sponsorship Director for hackMHS V (2018), VI (2019), 7 (2020)

Raised over $10,000 for local hackathon through local and large sponsors

Organized team of students to find companies & contact information

Work with company representatives to raise money, host workshops, & judge submissions

Mentored + hosted Python workshop for beginner hackers

Co-Founder of Power Coding​​(2020)

Wrote curricula and organized classes and sessions of >100 elementary and middle school students

Classes ranged from game-dev in python, web-dev, & basic machine learning

Cool Coding Camp (2017-2020)

Teaching python/JS game development and basic web-dev to middle school students at annual summer camp

Volunteer archery coach for Wa-Xo-Be Archery Club

Teaching shooting technique to beginner, intermediate, and archers

Volunteer level 1 JOAD archery coach, certified by USA Archery

Experience shooting Olympic Recurve for 10 years


Using optical flow to derive horizontal velocities of equatorial plasma bubbles

Won best Aeronautics/Astronautics Project at 2020 Rutgers JSHS, presented by ​AIAA

Research project applying computer vision to atmospheric plasma artifacts

Implementation of optical flow algorithms in opencv in python to real data from NOAA

Millburn Vex Robotics Team 2018-2020

Wrote and contributed to codebase for autonomous and driver control written in C++

Wrote Flutter app for customized, real-time scoring/strategies for VEX Tower-Takeover

NJ State Skills Champion, NJ StateTournament Champion, Quarterfinalist at Night at the Museum Signature Event, 7x skills champions, 1x excellence award, & 2x tournament champions for 2019-20 Tower Takeover season

NJ State Semifinalist, 2x tournament champions for 2018-19 Turnning Point season


Placed top 30 at PennApps 2019 fall hackathon

App to help those suffering from severe allergies; to identify potential allergens in food

Developed novel image recognition and classification system for a Dart frontend + django/Apache backend

MHS Kiosk System

Built custom kiosk system for signing students in and out of building for high school

Helped with woodworking to build kiosk towers

Frontend circuitry + developed custom keypads with Raspberry Pi I/o



Experience with Python math & science libraries ie. numpy, matplotlib, opencv, & scipy and for backend with flask & django

Used C++ for robotics and basic app dev

Knowledge of Dart & Flutter for cross-platform app development

Rudimentary front-end work for web-dev

3-D Modelling

Fusion 360 modelling for 3-D printing/CNC

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